What did you think “Hands Clean” was about?

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Alanis Morissette has always been known for her strong, sometimes rageful, and always-feminist voice. It made her famous. But being well-known doesn’t mean people will listen to you. Even when you’re calling out sexual assault.

Here’s how blind we are to sexual harassment: A song about a child being groomed floated on Billboard’s Top 40 for months and we didn’t even bat an eye.

The Real Meaning of Hands Clean

As a teenager, I played Hands Clean on repeat on my hour-long school bus ride. I thought it was romantic. I envisioned my teenage self with someone older and less crusty than the high school boys.

Empower yourself by validating the truth

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We might realize when others are gaslighting us, but it’s just as important to notice when we’re doing it to ourselves.

Repetitive thoughts shift the way we deal with relationships at home and work. To halt this habit, we can learn to identify our untrue beliefs and validate how we feel. This can help us respond to situations from a place of truth and personal empowerment.

To begin this process, ask yourself if you can relate to any of the common phrases outlined here.


The term “gaslighting” is common today but it wasn’t developed by a psychologist or theory. …

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My ex was right, I did it again.

“Sleeping with someone the first time you meet them is a huge red flag for me,” he texted after we broke up.

There were a few problems, like his anger and probable lying addiction. But apparently, there was another issue unbeknownst to me: we had sex on the first date.

“I never said anything but it did eat away at me slowly,” he professed.

“I never, ever date anyone I sleep with for the first time.”

I had to laugh. He made it seem like I was a forceful animal.

But I was also angry. It felt like he was…

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Unlike Facebook, free clicks are easy to come by

If you haven’t looked into Pinterest marketing yet, the time is now.

Organic reach has plummeted on Instagram and Facebook. Yet, on Pinterest — where things aren’t oversaturated — there’s still hope.

Without paying a dime, I’ve generated thousands of clicks to my websites. I attribute that to one main reason that many people overlook. Unlike most social media, Pinterest isn’t actually designed around being social. It’s designed around discovery.

We can’t forget that discovery is a major phase in the Buyer’s Journey. In the first stage of “Awareness,” a person becomes aware of their need and begins to look…

Knowing yours can improve work, friendships, and romance

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Your attachment style can slip its way into your daily life — for better or worse.

It can make you feel stable, social, and help you reach success. Or it can make you insecure, lonely, and have you tumbling down the corporate ladder.

Your attachment style — how you connect with others — affects your work life, friendships, and romantic relationships.

When we understand our attachment style, we can see the role it plays in our daily interactions. Noticing where it’s problematic can highlight areas for self-improvement.

What is Attachment Theory?

Attachment styles are four categories that describe the way we bond with others…

When it’s always too much and yet never enough

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Who likes short shorts? Who cares?

It’s summer and the wardrobe police are in full swing. No matter which fashion trends you follow, if you’re a woman, you’re never dressed appropriately according to someone somewhere.

What’s in this season? Controlling the length of women’s shorts.

This month, the women’s Norwegian volleyball team made a statement about uniform regulations at the European Beach Handball Championship bronze game.

They ditched their bikini bottoms in favor of fitted thigh-length shorts. The players made the change as a protest to what they called an “embarrassing” requirement.

Although it was a spontaneous decision, the women…

The upsides and the things to improve on.

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Sometimes the lights are off but everybody is home.

Quiet people can be thought of as slow, dumb, rude, or secretly judgmental. In reality, they’re often just busy living another life inside their minds. Although they have few words, they have plenty of thoughts.

Stephen Hawking once said, “Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

What does this mean really?

Speaking less and creating silence makes us more comfortable inside our heads. More time spent here and be for better or worse.

Quiet People

What does being quiet really mean? Who decides what’s a “normal” amount of speaking?

You might be a quiet…

Unique options to draw your date in closer

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Beach days and picnics are great summer date ideas — but you’ve heard them before.

This season, spice up your list of date night activities with unique options for every couple. These can be customized and adjusted for your preferences and budgets.

Keep reading for eight best summer date ideas.

1. Midnight Picnic

A midnight picnic is like a regular picnic only it happens in the dark, at midnight, making it much more romantic.

The first step is to decide on the menu. To keep it simple, stick to lunch sandwiches and pasta salads. Or go all out with a 3-course meal. Some…

Experts say it helps cut bad bonds and keep good ones.

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Do you get close to people too fast?

Without much time, you’re deeply connected. Maybe you know it’s too soon, but you just can’t stop the feelings.

When you like someone, you might pour all your love and emotions into them. After a while though, you realize it was too soon.

Getting attached too easily can be a symptom of an anxious attachment style. While knowing that helps, even more useful is what you can do about it.

Learn about your anxious attachment style and why dating multiple people can help.

What are Attachment Styles?

Getting attached easily has a lot to do with…

Foster more connection with simple practices

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If you have a mindful partner, they probably like you more — at least that’s what research says.

A recent paper involving two studies concluded that mindfulness may influence romantic relationship well-being. In particular, it was shown to relate to relationship satisfaction.

Another set of three studies found that mindfulness was related to partner acceptance and satisfaction.

It doesn’t just benefit romance though. Other research shows that mindfulness plays a key role in workplace connections.

Many of us know that mindfulness can help our mental health — but it also has a profound effect on our relationships. …

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