What did you think “Hands Clean” was about?

Alanis Morissette has always been known for her strong, sometimes rageful, and always-feminist voice. It made her famous. But being well-known doesn’t mean people will listen to you. Even when you’re calling out sexual assault.

Here’s how blind we are to sexual harassment: A song about a child being groomed…

When it’s always too much and yet never enough

Who likes short shorts? Who cares?

It’s summer and the wardrobe police are in full swing. No matter which fashion trends you follow, if you’re a woman, you’re never dressed appropriately according to someone somewhere.

What’s in this season? Controlling the length of women’s shorts.

This month, the women’s Norwegian…

Unique options to draw your date in closer

Beach days and picnics are great summer date ideas — but you’ve heard them before.

This season, spice up your list of date night activities with unique options for every couple. These can be customized and adjusted for your preferences and budgets.

Keep reading for eight best summer date ideas.

1. Midnight Picnic

Riri Rites 🤍

On life and love • A human failing, loving and learning • YoHumanz.com 🤍 ritesriri@gmail.com

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